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Cold Plunge Product FAQs

Other questions? View our other FAQs on how to care for and maintain a cold plunge and the health related cold plunging questions.

Cold plunge tubs cycle water through a chiller to create a very cold water bath (the best get down to 37-39 degrees). Submerging in very cold water or ice baths has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits for some people; people have been using cold water exposure for thousands of years to increase health and healing. See our cold plunges for health page to see the medical studies behind cold plunge benefits.

Cold plunges offer a range of health benefits to some people, including reduction of swelling and inflammation, aiding post-workout recovery, relieving sore muscles, reducing the perception of pain from chronic conditions, increasing immunity, and boosting mental health. Read more about the health benefits of cold plunging.

Desert Plunge Cold Plunges were created when our founder couldn’t find a decent combination of value, performance and reliability in a cold plunge – so he created his own!

Our plunges offer a number of benefits over others on the market: they are child-safe (just close the top and lock!), crafted particularly for very hot climates as well as cooler ones, are hand-crafted, affordable, and come with a one year warranty.

The chiller is the implement attached to the tub that cools the water. A pump pulls the water from the tub into the chiller, circulating it through the chillers cooling system, then out of the chiller back into the tub. You can set the chiller to your desired temperature, as low as 39 or 37 degrees, based on the model you choose. The chiller will run until it reaches your set temperature then shut off. It will stay off until the water warms back up 2 degrees and then turn back on to begin cooling to your desired temperature again.

The kind of chiller you need for your cold plunge depends on a several factors: how cold you want your plunge to get, whether you set it up indoors or outdoors, how hot a climate you live in, how often your plunge will be used, and how many people will be using it regularly.

Our ¼ horsepower tub cools to 39 degrees in optimal conditions(indoors, or outdoors if stored under cover, protected from the elements, and kept away from direct sunlight), has a cooling speed of 1-4 degrees per hour, and can accommodate 3-4 people per day. With our ¾ chiller, water temperature can reach 37 degrees; has a cooling speed of 6-8 degrees an hour, and can accommodate 4-6 people per day. The ¾ horsepower unit is much more efficient in hotter climates and temperatures.

Chances are, yes! Desert Plunge cold plunge tubs are 24.5” wide and 24” deep. We have a customer who is 6’7” and plunges in the Grizzly and is able to get fully submerged.

In optimal conditions (stored inside under climate control or outside out of direct sunlight and kept under cover) the 1/4 HP gets down to 39 degrees. Our ¾ HP outdoor rated model gets to 37 even on the hottest Arizona summer days. See our plunges

If the 1/4 HP is kept at 45 degrees during an Arizona summer, it will cost you roughly $25/month depending on the area you live and the price you pay per kWh with your local utility company. The ¾ HP will be around $25 – $30 per month, again depending on your cost per kWh.

To care for your cold plunge, you will want to 

  • Change filter cartridge – depending on use, every week or two, or once a month. You know your filter needs to be changed if the water flow coming into your plunge slows down or stops, and/or your pump sounds louder than normal (making a loud humming noise.) See more details on filter care. (link to care and maintenance page)
  • 1/4HP – Clean chiller screens monthly if your plunge is outside. If your plunge is indoors, you should do this every 1-2 months. 
  • 3/4HP –  inspect your chillers insides every 3 months and use compressed air to blow out any debris and dust on the interior of your chiller. 
  • Change your water as needed. If you are clean when getting in, and using the Sirona sanitation protocol we recommend or ozone sanitation, your water can stay clean for 3-4 months, in some cases longer. (LINK Sirona sanitation info file) See more tips on keeping the water clean below. 
  • If your cold plunge is kept outside, you must detach the chiller when the weather dips below freezing. When temps are below freezing, you can continue to use your cold plunge chiller free; you will need a bypass hose for the ¼ HP or a bypass pump for the ¾ HP to keep your plunge running in that scenario

See our longer care and maintenance page for more care details.

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